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Bleach - Katana Zanpakuto in Bamboo 104 Cm

Bleach - Katana Zanpakuto in Bamboo 104 Cm

High Quality Unsharpened Zanpakuto Katana Perfect for Cosplay and Allowed at Comicons and Fairs.

The total dimensions are approximately 104 cm:

  • Handle length 26.5 cm in Abs and Cotton for a firm and ergonomic grip
  • Bamboo blade length 70.5 cm
  • Sheath length 75 cm

Zanpakuto by: Ichigo, Byakuya, Toshiro, Gin, Aizen and Nelliel

Super detailed: appearance, blade and handle are all made according to the original animation.

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Anime: Bleach

Character: Ichigo - Tensa Zangetsu, Kuchiki Byakuya - Senbonzakura, Hitsugaya Toshiro - Hyorinmaru, Ichimaru Gin - Shinsou, Sosuke Aizen - Kyoka Suigetsu, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck - Gamuza

Brand: n/a

Dimensions: 104 cm

Materials: ABS handle and sheath / Bamboo wood blade

Packaging: Yes

Origin: China


Shipping costs: Free

Shipping type: standard delivery

Delivery times: By 21 Working Days

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